My AutoSupport Customer FAQ

by kawai Former NetApp Employee on ‎2010-05-28 03:59 PM

My AutoSupport Customer FAQ


the customer manually uploaded performance data to My Autosupport use "Autosuppor Upload" function.

However, after uploading 7z file(1001-performance.7z) they are unable to search out this performance data through S/N# or etc.


Error message is:

Sorry, no matching systems found. Check to make sure you have entered the correct system information.

Please note: Only systems with a valid entitled access contract can be viewed in My Autosupport.


BTW, this system exactly have "4HR Parts Delivery" contract.


Additional information:


X-Netapp-asup-version: 3
X-Netapp-asup-content: complete
X-Netapp-asup-subject: HA Group Notification from Cl2-node01 (PERFORMANCE DATA) INFO
X-Netapp-asup-system-id: 1914554854
X-Netapp-asup-os-version: NetApp Release 8.2P4 Cluster-Mode: Tue Oct  1 11:24:04 PDT 2013
X-Netapp-asup-hostname: Cl2-node01
X-Netapp-asup-generated-on: Tue Nov 18 00:00:08 KST 2014
X-Netapp-asup-serial-num: 940000544880
X-Netapp-asup-partner-system-id: 1914545853
X-Netapp-asup-partner-hostname: Cl2-node02
X-Netapp-asup-model-name: FAS2240-2
X-Netapp-asup-conf-version: 8.0.0
X-Netapp-asup-conf-checksum: sOZByZjMPq5vovhybZjN3Q==
X-Netapp-asup-from: Postmaster
X-Netapp-asup-clustered: true
X-Netapp-asup-sequence: 1001
X-Netapp-asup-cluster-name: Cluster2
X-Netapp-asup-cluster-uuid: 23cf170b-0e54-11e3-8e5f-123478563412



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