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MyAutoSupport diplaying half informations

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I just configured the autosupport in HTPPS for a customer Aff200 in Ontap 9.1. The command autosupport check show-details displays no erros.

Commands autosupport history show shows everything has been send in https. Note that our smtp configuration is not working, we are using as the smtp relay, but it's something else.


So now I connect to "My AutoSupport", going to the customer dashboard and see that everything is blank. So i used the command : "system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "WEEKLY_LOG" -force true".


Then refreshing the "new" Asup dashobard and still shows me in the tab "Autosupport Adoption" 0/2. I clic on it and I can see that it retrieves teh name of my cluster, his model, OS version and in the column "Last Autossuport" the time correspond to my command "system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "WEEKLY_LOG" -force true".


So my AFF200 is registered in the Asup but I have nothing on dashobard (everything blank). When I go the Classic Autosupport I have a lot of incoherences :


The autossuports shows perfectly the number of aggregates,Volumes,Lifs and switches. But it can't display the SVMs for example and the rest and shows this message instead "Unable to retrieve performance counters for clusterID :XXXXXXXX"bugautosupprt.PNG.... You may look at the picture in the post.


Am I missing an option ? Thank for your help !


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Re: MyAutoSupport diplaying half informations



i recommend you open a support case. you have various issues which need to be diagnosed separately.



1. smtp


if using office365 follow the following:


From Mailhost:


Requirements for SMTP client submission
Authentication: You must be able to configure a user name and password to send email on the device.

Mailbox: You must have a licensed Office 365 mailbox to send email from.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): Your device must be able to use TLS version 1.0 and above.

Port: Port 587 (recommended) or port 25 is required and must be unblocked on your network. Some network firewalls or ISPs block ports—especially port 25.



Configure in NetApp:



ONTAP 9 Documentation Center

system node autosupport modify

[-mail-hosts <text>, ...] - SMTP Mail Hosts

    Use this parameter to specify up to five SMTP mail hosts through which the node sends AutoSupport messages. This parameter is required if you specify e-mail addresses in the -to, -noteto, or -partner-address parameters or if you specify smtp in the -transport parameter. Separate multiple mail hosts with commas with no spaces in between. The AutoSupport delivery engine attempts to use these hosts for delivery in the order that you specify.


    You can optionally specify a port value for each mail server. A port value can be specified on none, all, or some of the mail hosts. The port specification for a mail host consists of a colon (":") and a decimal value between 1 and 65335, and follows the mailhost name (for example, ). The default port value is 25.


    Also, you can optionally prepend a user name and password combination for authentication to each mail server. The format of the username and password pair is The username and password can be specified on none, all, or some of the mail hosts.




Note that if you mailhost requires the email address for the login then you  need to modify the setting and change the (@ symbol for %40)  per this bug-


Sooo , for the mailhost they would configure it like so:!



2. myautosupport portal


this requires about 24 hours after setting up Autosupport. if the issue still persists we need to look at the:


- Cluster and check if the performance counters are being collected.



-look at myautosupport portal for possible issues.



Re: MyAutoSupport diplaying half informations

Might be due to the size of the autosupports and the limit that is imposed for SMTP. Use HTTPS for autosupports instead which supports higher transmission sizes. This worked for me...


Maximum HTTP Size: 50MB
Maximum SMTP Size: 5 - 20MB