Hello guys,


We bought a new AFF8040 storage system before 2 days. I would like to ask 3 questions!

    1. The system came with preinstalled ONTAP 9 and a default SVM called "AFF_NAS_OPTIMIZED_DEFAULT_SVM". Can someone explain me what for is this SVM? Should i delete it or is something usefull for the system?
    2. Also, i think about to change the raid type of all aggregates from DP to TEC, what is your opinion? The AFF came with one DS2446 with 24*3.8 TB SAS.
    3. What is the recommended configuration for the Aggregates-disks? I read somewhere that for best performance the suggestion is to split 12 per controller.


Thank in advance




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  1. All data service on ONTAP is performed by an SVM. This is where the IPs used by clients/servers to access the system live, along with their data. You can delete it, but then you need to create another one - this is a more advanced configuration option only recommended for experts. If you are not going to implement multi-tenancy or partitioning of management roles, it is fine to leave it as is.
  2. RAID-TEC aims to decrease rebuild times on larger disks in larger RAID groups by enabling parity data to exist across more spinning disks and thus reducing per disk seek time during the rebuild phase. As this system is all Flash, there is no benefit to implementing RAID-TEC, and you will reduce your storage efficiency by doing do, so we would not recommend it.
  3. If the system was pre-installed with ONTAP 9 and shipped with 24 drives, the drives should already be setup with Advanced Drive partitioning v2 (ADPv2), a method of assigning partitions instead of full drives, with 21 data + 2 parity +1 spare partition (where each data partition is approximately 1.6TB) setup per controller already, with one root aggregate and one data aggregate per controller. There should be no need to modify drive assignment.

Hope this helps! Enjoy your new system!