Acquiring Hardware

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I would like to ask a Question. Is it poosible to buy a FAS 2552 system with only 6 hard drives at first, and get it running without it ruining the machine? (we propably would fill in more hard drives, as the need rises).


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Re: Acquiring Hardware

There is an SKU for a zero TB config in the GSA pricelist - FAS2552-200-R6-C -"FAS2552,Zero HDD,-C: NOTE 1 -This individual part number may not be ordered as a standalone item and may only be ordered as part of a configured system."


What constitutes a configured system is anyone's guess - adding 6 hard drives might qualify? Or it might require a shelf added - hard drive shelves ship with a minimum of 12 drives, so you may as well then get the 2552 with those 12 drives in it. Contact your local sales team and find out.

Re: Acquiring Hardware

I see, Thank you very much. Just another quick question: How mucj space is aproximatly reserved for the netapp to operate ( metadata and operating system, and anything else).

I want to try and geuss how much free actuall space I will have with 1.2 TB *12 drives or 900GB*12 drives. We are not a big company and I assume that for the next few years, we are not going to surpass the 10 TB  of data.

Re: Acquiring Hardware

12 x 1.2TB SAS drives in a system, 1 spare, will allow for 8.45TB usable (9.34TB with no spares). 12 x 900GB drives, 1 spare, will allow for 6.03TB usable (6.7TB with no spares). Before deduplication, compression, etc.


In general, if it's going to be in your office, it is an option not to have any spares - three drives must fail for data loss, and we do next day delivery for replacements under support.