Moving Snapprotect Volumes to an other aggregate

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we use Snapprotect to protect our Exchange and vMWare environment. Snapprotect manages SnapVault Snapshots to a secondary cDot system as a Snapshot copy.


My question is: What do I have to take attention for, if I will move volumes on the secondary system from one aggregate to an other (same node) with the vol move command? Do I have to change settings in the storage policy of Snapprotect, because of changing the destination aggregate or does OCUM will manage the change of the protection set automatically?


Info: We already entered the new aggregate into OCUM Resource Pool.





Re: Moving Snapprotect Volumes to an other aggregate


  1. Check that there is no backup activity in SnapProtect for requested relationships
  2. Unschedule backup jobs for the time of migration
  3. Add new aggregate to which the destination volume should be transferred to the same resource pool
  4. Migrate destination volume in Netapp Management Console
    Go to Hosts->Aggregates->Manage Space 
    Choose volume needed to be migrated ->Plan task ->Migrate
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Re: Moving Snapprotect Volumes to an other aggregate