SC 4.0 - Unable to create resource groups

Dear all,


First of all, thanks a lot for your time on reading this post!


I was working with VSC6.2, but we have recently upgrade ONTAP in our FAS8040 from 8.3.4 to 9.1, and after that, our VSC jobs kept working, but they werent capable of updating the snapmirror relationship against our secondary FAS8040.


So, let's move forward.


- I deployed a new VM with SnapCenter 4.0 in my main vCenter. My idea is that all VSCs from my four vCenters are controlled from there. And all backups jobs, policies, etc.

- I unninstalled VSC6.2 for my secondary vCenter.

- Afterwars I learned that VSC 7.X is no longer in charge of backups, but anyway i deployed one in one of my secondary vCenters, for test porpouses. I really like applying best practices for NFS / MPIO /adapters so easily Smiley Happy.

- In SC 4.0 I added all SVMs from my two cabins, main and secondary.

- In SC.40 I added a new host for vsphere, choosed a win VM in my secondary vCenter, added win credentials (AD admin). After a while, all was deployed, incluiding SnapCenter Plugín for VMware vSphere.

- There I could see that my SVM where alredy deployed in "Storage Systems" tab, pulled from SnapCenter.

- There I could create a new policy, which I could see was pushed to the SC (settings - user access - policy). The strange thing is that in SC I couldnt see them on settings - policies...


My problem comes when I wan to create a Resource Group with a single datastore, using the newly created policy. I can choose it on the wizzard, but when I finish the task, I got errors:


- Resource Group creation failed : Unable to find host (X.X.X.X). This address if the IP from the server which i choosed to deploy the Plugin for vSphere.

- In "Monitor" tab in SC I can see the job listed as failed, with the same message.

- In "Monitor" tab, "Logs" subtab, I can see the following related messages:

  1. WARN SnapManagerWeb PID=[3388] TID=[223] Host X.X.X.X not found in nsm 
  2. ERROR SnapManagerWeb PID=[3388] TID=[223] Failed to find host (X.X.X.X). Please check the host is up and running or check the firewall settings. No such host is known
  3. ERROR SnapManagerWeb PID=[3388] TID=[223] System.Exception: Unable to find host (X.X.X.X) at SnapManager.SMSDAL.ProtectionGroupDAL.MapProtectionGroupResource(IEnumerable`1 hostResourceMaping, SmConfiguration pgConfiguration, nsm_protection_group pg, SmSn

About error 1 I found googling that NSM is the database installed during SC deployment. About error 2 I have double checked FW in all win machines (SC and Plugin VMs), and all firewalls in the middle (all traffic allowed). I suppose that vapps (vCenter and VSC) have all needed ports opened by default. About error 3 I found nothing.


I'm stucked at this point, and really appreciate any help.


Kind regards,