SnapCenter vs SnapManager

Now that SnapCenter has been out for awhile, I would love to hear what people think of it as opposed to SnapManager for SQL and the other SnapManager products. Does SnapCenter really make things easier, or has it been a headache and you'd prefer to go back to SnapManager? We are considering a deployment after we finish 7-mode transitions in the next few months, so I would love to hear any advice or comments!

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Here's a comparison:

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Re: SnapCenter vs SnapManager

Thank you very much Sahana!


The feature comparison is helpful, however I'd like to hear real-world stories from people who have made the switch.


One particular item I noticed in the chart: stream-based backups and restore to marked transactions are not supported in the SQL component of SnapCenter, at least in version 1 which is covered in the link you sent. That would be a deal-breaker as we do log based backups every 15 minutes that stream to the SnapInfo volume. Does anyone know how SnapCenter backs up system databases if they don't do streaming? Has this limitation been lifted in a later version?