SnapCreator 4.0 with PostgreSQL Plugin

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Hello Community

I'm pretty new with SnapCreator and I have some problems with it. I'm running CentOS 6 with SnapCreator 4.0 and the POSTGRES-Plugin.

I can actually create Backups, and see them in the Restore-Wizard. But those Backups are all empty. I tried both, Single-File Restore (I can't choose any file here) and Volume Restore. The Volume-Restore runs through without any error, but I still have the same data in the database.

Do I have to run the POSTGRES-Plugin with the SnapCreator Community-Version? Could that be the reason that it's not working?

Thanks for any advice.


Re: SnapCreator 4.0 with PostgreSQL Plugin

can you post the conf, log and debug files



Re: SnapCreator 4.0 with PostgreSQL Plugin

Sure... should have think about that from beginning, sorry!

I couldn't find a upload button here, so I just created a ZIP-File containing the files and uploaded it here:

If those are not the files you need, please let me know!