SnapProtect v10SP7

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Hi, Now the Commvault v10SP7 is released.

Do we know when the SnapProtect V10SP7 will be available for download?

Regards, Binod

Re: SnapProtect v10SP7

Iam also looking for this update!!

King Regards


Re: SnapProtect v10SP7

I've been told recently by NetApp support that there will be no SP7 for SnapProtect, as the features/fixes introduced in Simpana 10 SP7 are not relevant to the SnapProtect functionality. SP8 will be the next release.

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I've read somewhere that SP7 will introduce Instant Recovery for a VM, feature which is also available in Veeam.


According to me, this only features would justify the release of it for Netapp as well.