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A potential customer are interested in using snapcenter to backup and clone their mssql databases.


They run Percona(MySQL) Galera Clusters with up to five nodes.

All the clusters runs on vmware and RH7.

The developers want to be able to clone all databases to an test environment.

They would like to take a snapshot backup of all databases so that they restore them all to the exact same point in time so that they are all in sync.

Would that be possible to handle via snapcenter?


Which method do the mysql plugin use to put a database in a consistent state when a snapshot is taken? What is the impact on the database? Freezes for a few seconds?


Does the plugin handle log_only backups?  


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Re: Snapcenter mysql



there is no "Native" SnapCenter plugin to backup Precona(MySql)

Starting with version 2.0, NetApp SnapCenter introduces the capability to create your own SnapCenter plug-in for any application or database and manage it under the same single-pane of glass with other SnapCenter supported applications like Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server


With this in mind, the way on how SC will take snapshot is based on what the DB allows you to do..