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Snapmirror license not avaliable error

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Recently I have installed an additional cluster machine into an existing backup cluster. We now have a total of 3 clusters. Cluster A is a filer that Snapvaults to Cluster B. I have added a new machine Cluster C into the setup for backup. Cluster B will Snapmirror to Cluster C. I have purchased and installed Snapmirror/vault licenses on all 3 machines. Everything is working nicely between A and B. I have setup the intracluster relationship between B and C and the relationship status is good between the new machines.


When I try to create a Snapmirror relationship between B and C after a long pause in the ONTAP 9 GUI reports "Snapmirror license is not available" warning in the GUI. I have double checked in the GUI my license for Snapmirror on all machines and they are installed correctly. Does this mean I require an additional Snapmirror license for the B and C clusters?


*Cluster A* -- Snapvault -- *Cluster B* -- Snapmirror -- *Cluster C*

Filer                                      Backup node 1                     Backup node 2



Re: Snapmirror license not avaliable error



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Re: Snapmirror license not avaliable error

With the help of tech support we solved this. It turned out to be an MTU issue on the IC lif. Changing it to 1500 from 9000 solved the license availability error.





Re: Snapmirror license not avaliable error

Hello guys, I had the same problem and I have resolved with change mtu from 9000 to 1500.The speed network port for our storage netapp is 1000Mb.

Thanks for your help.