NFS exported and mounted but access denied

Hello All,

I got a problem on nfs access from client. I have multiple volumes on netapp 2520,  they were created by another guy. today I tried to export two volumes (vol4 and vol5) for clients access. (windows and liunx), but vol4 can be use by clients with no problem, another one can not be accessed, but both two volumes (vol4 and vol5)  have the same export rules and cifs shares permmission.


ip is one of clients address.


vol4 could be accessed with no problem,but vol5 cannot be accessed.



On linux client, after mount the permission shown as this. I can not cd to the vol5.



the volumes security style and cifs share permissions, all settings are the same for these two volumes:



but by fsecurity show, It seems the Unix security mode are difference. But I don't know how to change it, also not sure if this was the reason.



Could anyone help on this problem? Thanks in advance!

Re: NFS exported and mounted but access denied

Both your vol4 and vol5 are unix-style volumes (means permissions are governed by the UNIX file permissions) with the same world-rw exports and share permissions.  However, vol5 has 700 permissions so only the owner account root can access it and, unless being accessed from, that root is not the same as the client's local root account.   If you plan to access this volume from multiple clients and/or as any account other than root on, then you need to adjust at least the top-level directory's ownership and permissions (or extend your root export option I suppose).