A Great Place to Work: a Win-Win-Win for Customers, Employees, and Shareholders

"A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do,

and enjoy the people you work with.” — Robert Levering, Cofounder, Great Place to Work



I decided to take a break from writing about technology and to write about culture and people instead. As you probably know, NetApp was recently selected as one of the best places to work in the United States, coming in at number 6. (The other company from the Bay Area in the top 10 was Google, at number 1.) I wasn’t surprised at NetApp’s high ranking; I expected it. NetApp has been among the 10 best places to work for many years in a row, and in 2009 we were selected as the best place to work in the United States. I’ve been at NetApp for almost 5 years, and I’m always impressed by the quality of the people I work with: My peers, colleagues, and leaders are truly dedicated to the success of our customers. I don’t need a survey or a report to tell me that I work in a great place, but it’s gratifying to know that others feel the same way I do.


What does this recognition mean? 


This recognition means that NetApp is focusing on its employees, who in turn focus their energy and attention on the customer. I believe that this recognition is a reflection of who we are and how much pride we take in doing our jobs. It’s indicative of our culture, which values innovation, teamwork, diversity, and passion for taking care of our customers. Our customers do come first.



What makes a great place to work? 

According to the Great Place to Work Institute, a great place to work is one where employees consistently:


  • Trust the people they work for.
  • Trust (v). Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Managers are very important in keeping employees motivated. According to the Department of Labor, 64% of working Americans leave at least one job during their careers because they don't feel appreciated. Most employees don’t leave a company, they leave a manager.


  • Have pride in what they do.
  • Pride (n). A feeling of pleasure from one's own achievements, from the achievements of those with whom one is associated, or from qualities or possessions. It’s a great time to be a technologist and innovator, and people at NetApp are laser focus on creating solutions that help our customers manage and gain value from their data. NetApp employees report a high degree of job satisfaction,  which translates into higher productivity, improved product quality, and greater customer satisfaction.


  • Enjoy the people they work with.
  • Enjoy (v). Take delight or pleasure in an activity or occasion. Why wouldn’t we? After all, we spend a significant part of our day and our lives at work.


What does it mean to our customers and partners? 

It’s a fact that people do business with people they like. For our customers and partners, it means the knowledge that the NetApp professionals who help create and deliver value are committed to their success.


What’s next for NetApp?

As we continue to grow and innovate, it’s more important than ever to attract and retain top talent. We are hiring people who want to be part of something big, important, and meaningful. This recognition is a great recruiting resource, because talented and interesting people want to work with equally talented and interesting people.


Congratulations NetApp, keep up the good job!


Trust + Pride + Enjoyment = A Great Place to Work.


I am super excited to be rejoining NetApp !


Welcome back Marc!



Well said, Cesar!