A New Chapter

Jay KiddBy Jay Kidd, Chief Technology Officer


When I joined NetApp nearly 10 years ago, I found a home. NetApp is a company that has world-class innovation, great people, impeccable ethics, and a culture that suits my personality and values exceptionally well. I have seen a range of companies, large and small, and I decided years ago that I would finish my career at NetApp because I could not imagine a better place to work.


That time has come and I will be retiring from corporate life this summer. With my youngest off at college, I will shift my time to pursue more personal interests and delve more deeply into the areas of advising and investing.


The role of the CTO in a company the size of NetApp is too broad to be done by a single individual, and a “CTO Community” evolves which includes people both in the CTO office as well as in other parts of the organization. It includes product architects, technology researchers, technical community leaders, market and industry researchers, technical spokespeople and a host of other disciplines. We are fortunate that at NetApp we have a strong bench of technical leaders who have the breadth and depth to build on the compelling technology vision we have in place. We have strong spokespeople who will articulate our unique vision, our approach to innovation and the role NetApp will play in the rapidly changing IT market. My ideas and my voice are just a small part of the engine that drives innovation and technology leadership at NetApp.


Today, in 2015, the passion for innovation, the deeply held commitment to the success of our customers, and the high level of corporate integrity are all still as strong as ever, and those attributes still set NetApp apart. I am proud to say I work at NetApp. In my roles here, I have had the chance to work with some of the best people in the industry, both inside and outside the company. It has been an honor and a pleasure, and I will always be an advocate for NetApp.

Wow - Jay. You should feel proud of your achievements during your time at Netapp. You've always had an amazing insight into the industry and an ability to translate technology trends into meaningful business impact. Any startup who can have you as an advisor will be in very good hands. Maybe some more time on the race track for you too. Enjoy life...