Embrace Your Inner Cloud Service Provider

By Phil Brotherton, Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group (CSG) at NetApp


There’s no doubt about it – public cloud continues to garner the attention of enterprise organizations of all sizes and industries. Like moths to the flame, the lure of ultimate flexibility, better economics, and improved business outcomes are driving more and more customers to consider how they can bring public cloud into the mix of their IT delivery model.

As we’ve laid out in our cloud strategy, announced September 17th, the advent of cloud affords enterprise organizations with a spectrum of options to deliver the appropriate levels of IT to support their business. In short, IT is now delivered via a blend of private and public cloud resources, and as IT organizations move from being builders and operators of their own datacenters to being brokers of services, everyone must start to think like a service provider.

While enterprises look to embrace their inner cloud service provider, much can be learned from what the public cloud providers are doing. As they seek to build efficient IT infrastructure that responds to their dynamic environment, their choice in cloud storage and data management is no small decision. Their storage infrastructure of choice? By
far, NetApp. IDC recently published a study that ranks NetApp #1* in storage systems capacity shipped for public cloud infrastructure.


This is no surprise to us. Our service provider partners critically rely on providing high SLAs and a business model that requires a flexible and reliable datacenter environment. Data ONTAP has the proven efficiency, seamless scalability, integrated data protection, and non-disruptive operations that are imperative to support a responsive and profitable public cloud operation.

We haven’t suddenly chosen to focus on storage for the cloud – we’ve got 20 years of delivering the world’s number one storage operating system under our belt, all within a framework of innovation that is built for the cloud.  In addition, we don’t simply sell storage to service providers - we truly partner with them to create service offerings that bridge their fundamental business requirements with the growing needs and expectations of enterprise customers looking to leverage public cloud options. One example is Virtustream, a leading cloud provider, who is redefining how enterprise applications like SAP are delivered via a public cloud service, all built on the foundation of a solid, shared storage infrastructure.

While we’re excited about the significant role we have among our 175+ public cloud service provider partners, we’re even more excited about what lies ahead - not only for our public cloud partners but for our enterprise customers as well. With the obvious confidence that service providers have in NetApp and a wealth of public cloud options built on Data ONTAP, we’re at the forefront of unprecedented capabilities to bridge private and public cloud resources for enterprise organizations. As customers continue to leverage the versatility and ubiquity of Data ONTAP to create a cloud data fabric, built on a universal data platform with efficient data portability and extensive choice, they will take cloud, and their businesses, to the next level.

These are exciting times indeed for anyone and everyone who must think like a service provider.



* IDC Storage Users Demand Study 2013 – Spring Edition, IDC #244209, November 2013



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