NetApp Mobile Support App: Predictive and Personalized Support at Your Fingertips

NetApp is a pioneer in delivering proactive, preventive, and predictive support. This is done as part of our Customer Fitness Program, through support automation and analytics. Mobile is one such  opportunity where we believe we can improve our users’ experience with their interactions with NetApp.

We wanted to develop a single mobile app that complements our overall support strategy, addressing not only high-frequency use cases, but also leveraging the industry-leading NetApp® support automation technology, AutoSupport™.


With well-established mobile platforms among the user community, we wanted to make sure that our mobile app strategy didn’t leave anyone behind. So we selected a framework that works on multiple platforms with minimal incremental development effort. The first version is developed for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms with the ability to extend to newer platforms such as Windows® Mobile.


Predictive and Personalized Support at Your Fingertips

With the NetApp Support Mobile App, users can view system and contact information, risks to which the system might be exposed (including remediation steps for them), recent AutoSupport alerts, active cases, and details of storage efficiency for the system. Users can also easily view and navigate case notes and other information using common mobile gestures.


Our goal was not to replicate all the functions of traditional applications. Rather, the mobile app incorporates those that are best suited for a mobile app, while making it easier for customers to interact with NetApp Support.      


User Experience Is Key to Success

Mobile use cases tend to be very transactional in nature, with users trying to quickly accomplish tasks in the simplest manner using a device with a small screen's real estate. It became evident in early testing that the user interface (UI) played a big role in the overall value and experience of the app. We will continue to work on improvements as we gather data and feedback from our users.


Success and Path Forward

Since the launch of the app, several thousand users (customers, partners, and NetApp internal users) are using the new NetApp Support mobile app. The app has established an innovative platform combining the best of support and the capabilities of support automation. With predictive support capabilities at their fingertips, our customers will benefit from superior levels of uptime and efficiency from NetApp equipment.


Thanks for sharig this interesting article.I really found this helpful and informative.

Thanks for sharig this interesting article.I really found this helpful and informative.Your article is going to help App Developers.