NetApp's Summer Internship Program

NetApp’s Summer Internship Program is not only a fantastic opportunity to tackle real world challenges, but it also allows students to gain insight into our unique company culture. We take great pride in providing a program that is rich in learning but also a lot of fun! In North America, we have interns at Headquarters in Sunnyvale, Wichita, Boulder, Pittsburgh, Waltham, and Raleigh. They are also sprinkled across the country in Field Sales Sites. This year, we have over 200 interns participating in the Summer Internship Program.


One of the highlights of the program is our Executive Speaker Series. We have most of the CEO’s exec staff present to the interns throughout the summer. They even get to hear from CEO, Tom Georgens. Each exec leaves time for an engaging Q&A session. It’s a great opportunity for the students to learn best practices as they pursue their careers, and gives insight into the day to day life of an executive.


The Summer Internship program also leaves room for a lot of fun activities, including beer bashes, volunteer events, social outings and sports leagues. This year’s offsite event was a competitive scavenger hunt! Teams battled on the streets of San Francisco, Wichita, Boulder, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh. The winning teams not only got bragging rights, but also a trophy to take back to the office.


We wrap up every summer with our Intern Showcase events. The Intern Showcase gives students the opportunity to highlight what they have accomplished during the summer. The format for the showcase is similar to a career or science fair. Each intern has their own space to be creative and share their summer’s work. We invite the entire site population to these events. It’s a great way to involve everyone and bring light to the wonderful work our summer interns do.  At headquarters, the interns have the added benefit of an executive only session which includes the CEO. Tom spends a total of 6 hours meeting each intern and hearing their project summary. This is just one example of the support our leadership team has for the program.



An Intern's Perspective: from Matthew Thomas


I am currently in my second internship with NetApp, and I can say without a doubt that I have loved every minute of my intern experience. Most times, when I think “Internship”, I picture the horror stories of young college students working in a filing room, taking notes during meetings, or perfecting the art of making someone else’s coffee. However, my time with NetApp has been anything but menial.


Last summer, my time was spent on the East Coast, working primarily out of New Jersey and New York City. It was my first internship and I was extremely nervous to say the least. However, my nerves quickly settled once I started working. By the end of the first day, most of the office had stopped by to introduce themselves and get to know me. By the end of the first week, I felt completely at home in my new, spacious cube. Like I said, it was my first internship. I spent my summer helping to reorganize corporate healthcare verticals and assisting with different marketing events. In the end, I walked away with awesome work experience and a new found love for data storage.


When the time came around to apply for internships this year, NetApp was once again at the top of my list. This time, however, I was thinking broader: I wanted to work in California. Luckily for me, the Notre Dame career fair gave me a chance to do just that. I was hired for a 12 week social media internship, tasked with creating and managing social media training videos. To top it all off, I got an even bigger cube this year.


In all seriousness, I cannot thank the University Relations Team enough for everything that they do to make intern living as enjoyable as possible. The moment I turned my resume over to the campus recruiter they were there to help me with any questions or concerns I had, despite the fact that I hadn’t even been hired yet. They also did an amazing job organizing all of the intern events. Our speaker series events with the NetApp executives are incredibly inspirational, and the Go-Game in San Francisco was an absolute blast. I would go into details about the Go-Game, but why ruin the suspense for future interns?


Looking back on my past two summers, there is one thing I can say for sure: time flies. As I am sitting here writing this, I can’t believe I have already been in Sunnyvale for 8 weeks. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the office, especially the people on my team. They are the reason I enjoy coming to work every day, and it is because of their guidance and support that I have continued to succeed at NetApp.


If there is one piece of advice I can give to future interns, it is to make the most of your time here while it lasts. The summer will go quicker than you think.



I would like to give you my perspective on your company as a job seeker because it should be important to you.

I've applied to a few positions at NetApp coming out of graduate school since last year and I sent in a mailed portfolio package with no response. What else are you HR people doing that's preventing you from professionally handling those who are interested in helping your business?

What exactly is the point of this blog? To flex your ego? Because it certainly wasn't created to draw interest in young talent to work for you since you never respond to job applicants. And it's not just me, I've had converstions with a number of people who are frustrated with NetApp's lack of professionalism during the application process.

Try interacting with your Facebook NetApp's Careers page. You simply get the old "apply online" response and are then forever ignored. If you're going to create a jobs page on a social networking site and brush everyone off, then what's the point? Just to rub it in our faces?

Please reconsider your hiring practices because leaving a bad taste in applicants mouth CAN come back to bite you. Many of us go on to be future customers or vendors of yours and I for one will certainly think twice about doing business with NetApp.


Hi Bill,

I just sent you an email regarding your application. I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience applying. Please reply to my email if you would like to discuss further.



To whom this may concern,

Looking at NetApp as international student and as a great place to intern for the Summer of 2014, I’d really like to know what dates the internship starts and finishes at each location.

Hopefully you can help me in the matter, please.