Admin State Stopped in SVM DR

We are having an issue. We have two clusters with SVM-DR Replications. When we create replication admin-state of replica is running.But when we break replication for testing porpuse and set it again, admin state shows stopped.

Whe we try to run admin state we get error:

"Error: command failed: This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is configured as the destination for Vserver DR"


OCUM shows warning "SVM Stopped".



Re: Admin State Stopped in SVM DR

Are you saying you stop the primary SVM and fail-over to DR for testing.  Or are you doing something other than that for testing?

Re: Admin State Stopped in SVM DR

Exactly. I stop SVM on primary site to simulate a failure, and everything works perfect on secundary site. Whe I set replication again from Primary to Secundary site then I get Admin State stopped.

Re: Admin State Stopped in SVM DR

I don't think i'm following it because we do this without issue.


So if you are running in DR, you need to stop the vserver in DR and then failback. 


Maybe you can post your error from CLI here