Antivirus Connector Version UP (1.0.2D1 → 1.0.3)

Hi, We plan to upgrade "AV - Connector" (From 1.0.2 D1 to 1.0.3.)

Is it possible to take over settings with Export & Import when upgrading?


Is there any influence due to different version?


Best Regard.

Re: Antivirus Connector Version UP (1.0.2D1 → 1.0.3)

Support for updates to the antivirus software. Clustered Data ONTAP supports rolling updates of the antivirus software and maintains information about the software running version along with the scan status of files. If the antivirus software running in a single server in a scanner pool is updated to a later version, the scan status of all files that have already been scanned is not discarded.

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