Can Snapmanager for Exchange be used on NFS storage

I have a flexpod setup and we just installed a new exchange server as a VMware virtual machine on an NFS datastore. I am trying to figure out the best way to backup the data. I have used Snapmanger for sql in the past, but that was on iscsi LUNs. Can snapmanager work on NFS storage too? I just want to find the most efficient way to backup data on the server. I can use commvault if neccessary but snapshots are so much simpler. Any information/direction would be appreciated.


Re: Can Snapmanager for Exchange be used on NFS storage

Hi there,


Exchange datastores are explictly not supported by Microsoft to be stored in VMDKs on NFS volumes -


They are supported by Microsoft and SnapManager for Exchange in VMDKs on LUNs, or by raw LUNs mapped into the VM. Other snapmanagers work with VMDKs and VHDs on NAS volumes - this is not a limitation of our software - just a matter of Microsoft's supported configurations.