Compaction and Data Protection Volumes

We just upgraded to OnTAP 9.1P8. Production system is AFF so compaction is working by default. DR system is FAS8060. I enabled compaction at the aggregate level, but when I tried to enable at the volume level, it was only enabled on the root volumes. Is that because the other volumes are data protection volumes? Is there any value in turning on compaction on this system under these circumstances?

Re: Compaction and Data Protection Volumes

I typed this post too soon. Looks like it did enable for every volume on one node, but not the other. Looks like I had a typo on one entry and it caused the others to not run.


I do have a related question. I don't want to run the scan-old-data command on every volume, but am wondering if MOVING the volumes between aggregates would cause compaction to take effect. Any ideas?