Domain groups authentication in c-mode.


We have added the domain groups for authentication to cluster.That's not working.Users in that domain group NOT able to login to cluster:-(.


inblrx8000-clu::> security login show


                              ssh         domain         admin            -

When i add individual domain users,it's works fine.


Srinvas Rao.

Re: Domain groups authentication in c-mode.

Hi we are seeing the same issue.  When I look at the syntax available it appears to support only user mapping and not security groups.  Also found the following:

cluster1::> vserver cifs create -vserver vs0 -cifs-server vs0cifs


cluster1::> security login domain-tunnel create -vserver vs0

cluster1::> security login create -vserver cluster1 -username

DOMAIN1\Administrator -application ssh -authmethod domain

Fingers crossed that security groups are added in the future so it work like 7-mode



Re: Domain groups authentication in c-mode.

This is not currently supported in clustered Data ONTAP. Support for group authentication is being added to a future release.