Efficient method for deleting a large amount of data



We're running OnTap 8.2.1. I was looking for a system side command I could use to browse cifs shares and remove a particular folder under a root share as opposed to navigating the share from Windows, but I haven't seen anything. I'm curious if anyone here has a tip/trick for removing overly complex, deep/large folder structures without just removing the entire share?


So far it's taking 20+ minutes to discover the folders content from a windows client before the system starts to delete anything.


The structure looks similar to the following:


Groups (top level folder/share)

-Group1 (1TB, 250k+ files)

-Group2 (2TB 1M+files)

-Group3 ( 1.8TB 500k+ files)


The "group 2" folder would be the one I'd like to remove.


Appreciate any assistance you could provide.





Re: Efficient method for deleting a large amount of data



Refer KB 2017624 BUG 599967:CIFS or NFS operations are delayed due to concurrent deletions of many large files

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