Error Configuring FC-to-SAS bridges for health monitoring



I have launched the "storage bridge -address" command on a FAS8040 MetroCluster set in, following the recommendation of KB ID 1015166 and get the following message: "Bridge is not reachable over SNMP on node "NODE1" in cluster "CLUSTER". Verify the management node is lif up by using the command "show network interface" Then try the command again. "


When I launched the "add -switch-storage switch ipaddress" command to the IP of the FC switches BROCADE been executed correctly.


MetroCluster is formed by two FAS8040 Data ONTAP 8.3.2, four FC switches BROCADE 6505 with version 7.4.0a and four ATTO FibreBridge 6500N with firmware 1.61


The four bridges respond to ping from the four nodes of MetroCluster


SNMP configuration is by default in the MetroCluster and bridges.


Any suggestions?