Errors captured in "messages" log


I am looking  for a Document that conation all the alerts which will be log/captured in “messages”, for Filer 3020, 7.3.3 ONTAP.

Most important is Errors/Issues related to Disks.



Re: Errors captured in "messages" log

The syslog translator is at   Filerview also has a link from each message direct to this...

Re: Errors captured in "messages" log

To be more specific, I would like to have the entire list of syslog alerts which handle disks errors/issues. This is for parsing purposes.

Most important are the “Critical” messages for Disks issues. 


Re: Errors captured in "messages" log

If you could provide me the errors you get when you  have a  disk  issue  [Failures where disk replacement is required], it will help.

as I can recall we used to get a Critical note previous we upgrade to 7.3.3  and now we  are getting warnings only



Re: Errors captured in "messages" log

hi , well i do not have access to this part of Netapp so kindly if u share it here or send it to me at will appreciate that sir

thank you for your time