FIPS mode - any issues after enabling?

Hi guys,


we have several clusters running 9.2 and I would like to enable FIPS mode for security reasons but wonder if that may cause any issues, for example with:

- SnapDrive, SnapManager, SnapCenter, Grafana, OnCommand Unified Manager etc.



Thanks for your feedback!

Re: FIPS mode - any issues after enabling?

Hi Thomas,


Yes i'm aware of one issue, after enabling FIPS mode, I believe it enables TLS 1.2 and prior versions are disabled. Therefore enabling FIPS can cause issues with scripts that use SSH and for Orchestration applications such as WFA due to the modification of the TLS version. There is a BURT raised for this issue (1091146).




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Re: FIPS mode - any issues after enabling?

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I had issues with PuTTY, but upgrading to Putty 0.70 resolved it.


Invoke-NcSsh in PowerShell toolkit 4.4 also does not work. I don't know if the problem is in the toolkit or deeper in Windows.