Host Utilities Kit 7.0 needed with MPIO DSM 4.1p1?

Is the Host Utilities Kit 7.0 needed separately with MPIO DSM 4.1p1 on Windows 2008 and 2012 servers?  A recent instructor said HUK was bundled with DSM4.1p1 during install.  Or you at least need HUK7.0 without the DSM4.1p1 package.  

Re: Host Utilities Kit 7.0 needed with MPIO DSM 4.1p1?




You almost always want to install the Host Utilities Kit in a SAN environ.

It's almost guaranteed that if you open a support case, they'll ask you to run diagnostics included in the HUK.


I haven't checked the downloads lately.

The DSM is s'posed to be included with the HUK, but I don't think the HUK is included with the DSM ?


Most of my clients just use the native Microsoft DSM ...


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