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How to retain user quota information in a DR scenario

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I have a problem you might be able to help me solve;


We have a DR scenatio with our newly deployed Clustered ONTAP controllers (8.3.2).

Each hosts some CIFS data with user quotas applied to a qtree in a data volume.


So SVM-A >> snapmirror >> SVM-B.

if SVM-A fails, we break the mirror and bring up SVM-B as the RW volume (swapping some DFS pointers to get the users connected again).


Q: How do I ensure that the quota Information held on SVM-A is also available on SVM-B?


You cannot create quota entries on a DP volume.

If the SVM-A is down - there is no source to copy the quota from.


Interesting no?

Re: How to retain user quota information in a DR scenario

That's a great question!


i remember seeing in one DOC like "how do snapmirror" that specifically ask you to configure the quota after a mirror failover. and that on a mirror failback. the quota on the source are not enforced. and you need to modify it / reactivate or something like that on each volume. i have added it to my DR procedure, and i guess in my environment i can live without quota while in DR.


What to do next. if you have account ref - i think that's a very valid request to ask them to put as an RFE. it was available for us in 7-mode. and therefor it's also a valid request to put forward here.


i guess the first "solution" you will get is to use SVM DR. unfortunately for me that's currently not a valid option as there a few problems with the SVM DR implementation at the moment (No individual schedules for the volumes, networking configuration is not initiative and straight forward. even causes NetApp tools like myASUP to misbehave, OCUM currently not integrated with it causing false alerts, WFA required around a two days customization to make it a really 5 clicks failover and so and so...).



Re: How to retain user quota information in a DR scenario

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Thanks for the response.

Yes - after posting the question I found the information around SVM disaster recovery which looks like it covers the problem I am trying to solve.

Sounds like it's not as straightforward as NetApp documentation would have me believe though, given your comments.


For now SVM DR is the only sensible way to maintain user quotas in a DR scenario under Clustered DataONTAP..