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Java bindings


I have the ontap-api-8.1.jar and ontap-api-8.1.1.jar for the nmsdk 5.1.

I am looking for Java bindings for ontap api 8.2 cluster mode.

When will this be available?



Re: Java bindings

Hi There,

I too would like to understand the answer to this.  There is a documentation set for the 8.2 release, but I don't see anything newer than 8.1.1 in the latest API download.  I am looking to utilize the 'lag-time' value for Cluster Mode snapmirror relationships, this is listed in the latest API documentation, but where is the API?  Sorry if I am missing something obvious..



Java bindings

I would like to replay to my own question since I have new information and I never get responses to my questions on this forum...Smiley Sad

The nmsdk 5.2 is out which has the 8.2 Java bindings.