Monthly cron snapshot schedule?

I set up a "monthly" cron schedule to create a snapshot of a volume every month (Jan - Dec) at 19 after midnight.  It's creating a monthly every night now at 19 after midnight?  Anyone else doing this or have any insight?


I have a snapshot policy keeping 6 daily, 14 weekly, and 12 monthly using the below.  No hourly's.

daily               @0:10
hourly              @:05
monthly             Jan-Dec@0:19
weekly              Sun@0:15

Re: Monthly cron snapshot schedule?

Define "every month" Smiley Happy The schedule does run every month, but you did not tell it at which day, so it also runs every day.

If you want to run it once a month, pick day and set it in schedule (-day), e.g. first day of month. You do not even need to set months in this case.

Re: Monthly cron snapshot schedule?

I used


monthly             Jan-Dec 1@0:15


That's each month, 1st day of each month, 15 minutes after midnight.