Mystery Flash Cache after 9.2 Upgrade with FAS2520

So, I have a customer with a FAS2520.  Been running in production for a few years now on ontap 9.0.


We did an upgrade today to ontap 9.2.


While poking around I noticed the Flash Cache screen said the controllers had 768GB of flashcache disabled.  So I went ahead and hit the enable button in the GUI for both controllers.


Now, I'm pretty certain the FAS2500 series did not have flash cache as an option and a sysconfig from both nodes doesn't show anything.


So where did this phantom flash cache come from?  The really weird thing the flash cache screen will even show an occasional hit.


Does 9.2 show the NVMEM or something weird as flash cache?

Re: Mystery Flash Cache after 9.2 Upgrade with FAS2520

looks like a bug.

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