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NETAPP and Recent SMB1 Issues

Can anyone point me to any offical NETAPP responses to the SMB1 discussed here:


I am not in a postion today to move to ONTAP 9.2 and disable SMB1.  However our

security scanner are reporting this daily now.


If I can quota an offical response from NETAPP stating its SMB1 is not vulnerable then

I can get  a risk acceptance to cover the scan failures until I upgrade to 9.2.

Re: NETAPP and Recent SMB1 Issues

For a conclusive answer it would help to know exactly is the scanner reporting.


In the mean time, you might find this helpful:

Re: NETAPP and Recent SMB1 Issues

Thanks, you reply was very useful.  This is the Nessus link.



Re: NETAPP and Recent SMB1 Issues

Thanks for the info on the generic "disable SMBv1" warning.


As of today (7/12/2017) it is not completely possible to disable SMBv1 for client access on any version of ONTAP other than 9.2. However, there are plans to add that capability to an existing LTS 9.x release and an upcoming 7-Mode release as well.

Re: NETAPP and Recent SMB1 Issues

ONTAP version 8.2.5 (7-Mode only) posted today and adds the ability to disable SMBv1 server and client.