NetApp Cluster Mode and 7-Mode

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Please let me know the main difference between NetApp Cluster Mode and 7-Mode. your immediate reply is highly appreciated.



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Please check this link , it lists the difference between the two


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On a very high-level:

- 7-Mode - either single controller, or two controllers clustered for HA; think of it as "traditional" ONTAP with all bells & whistles (dedupe, compression, cloning, etc.

- Cluster-Mode - either single controller *pair*, or multiple pairs connected (clustered) via back-end 10GbE network; it originates from ONTAP GX & basically the key thing is, you can have a single storage system with more than two controllers; there are some features specific for C-Mode (single namespace, Infinite Volumes, etc.), but some other features are still missed comparing to 7-Mode (e.g. SnapVault)


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Link provided is not wroking. Do you have the new link to answer Cmode Vs 7 Mode?