Re: Paired array name mismatch using SRA 2 and SRM 5

mghanawi1, SRM is complaining because the connection name you created "hosm1" is not a real system name that exists on the network and cannot be resolved.  Connection names are used only internally by SnapMirror.  You can make SRM work with connection names by making the connection name to match the host name of the source system. In your case changing all occurances of "hosm1" to "GHoNetApp01" (if GHoNetApp01 is the resolvable name of your array) in your snapmirror.conf file.  Snapmirror will still use the multi connection, and SRM will recognize the name of the array properly.  This is described in this tech report, under section about snapmirror connection names


Re: Paired array name mismatch using SRA 2 and SRM 5


Thanks for pointing out the issue with the connection name in the snapmirror.conf file. This is exactly the situation we were in after our upgrade to SRA 2.0.1 from v1.4 after our vSphere and SRM upgrade this week. Once we were able to find this info in that doc and determine we had an exact situation, we were able to make the adjustments and began to get everything clearly lined up. We were messing with the ip_hostname_mapping file but could not get it to work until we found this post.I'm not sure why this was changed from 1.4 but we had no issues with our setup back on that version and it worked w/o any problems.

Can you also confirm for me that the Include/Exclude list actually looks at the string value and not an actual match of a volume name? For example, if you exclude "TEST_VOL_xx" but have volumes named "TEST_VOLxx" and "TEST_VOL", it will exclude both of those even though you might not want both of those to be excluded? At least that's my experiences. Using quotes do specify the exact vol name does not work as the SRA will not accept those characters.


Re: Paired array name mismatch using SRA 2 and SRM 5

We are in the process of upgrading from SRM 4.1 to 5.1 and have hit a similar issue.

The connection string in the snapmiror.conf file is of the form filer1_filer2_999999999, if I edit the file manually it will work but DFM (Operations Manager) keeps rewriting the snapmirror.conf file and breaks it again.

I succeeded with one pair of filers but can not get it sorted on another.

I'd like to delete the relationships from DFM ( without destroying the actually relationship so that I can manually fix the files and then let DFM find them again but can't seem to work out how to do this.

Re: Paired array name mismatch using SRA 2 and SRM 5

We have installed VMware SRM 5.1 and NetApp SRA2.1. He has two NetApp storage (FAS3210 in Main site and FAS2240 in DR) with snapmirror license on both. Snapmirror is configured well in both site and work fine. After we configured SRM and run a recovery job. It is working well, but when we did reprotect job, it failed and this error message appeared :

Error - Failed to reverse replication for device '/vol/dr_test/lun_test'. SRA command 'prepareReverseReplication' failed for device '/vol/dr_test/lun_test'. Unable to failover the specified device

Ensure that the device is in online state and is mapped or exported properly.

Kindly support us ASAP if the bug in SRA or what.

Thanks in advance

Re: Paired array name mismatch using SRA 2 and SRM 5

This is a create post, but I'm dealing with this issue in clustered mode.  I have been unsuccesful in finding the etc/exports directory.  I understand that we now use export-policies... but how to I dig in and find the paths that have been exported?


Thanks all