SnapVault secondary volume, inline compression and deduplication



FAS8020, 8.2.4P6, 7-mode


I've created my SnapVault destination volumes using the following method:


vol create sv_ca_testvol -s none aggr0 94g
snap sched sv_ca_testvol 0 0 0
snap reserve sv_ca_testvol 0
sis on /vol/sv_ca_testvol
sis config -C true -I true /vol/sv_ca_testvol
sis config -s manual /vol/sv_ca_testvol


tr-3958 says this:


The manual schedule is an option for SnapVault destinations only. By default if deduplication and postprocess compression are enabled on a SnapVault destination it will automatically be started after the transfer completes. By configuring the postprocess compression and deduplication schedule to manual it prevents deduplication metadata from being created and stops the postprocess compression and deduplication processes from running.


Why am I not seeing any inline compression or deduplication savings on the SnapVault destination volumes?