Workflow for automatic weekly lun clone refresh/mapping

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Hi guys, I got a problem.


There's a Oracle DB that I need to provide a test env, and to save space, I'm planning to use lun clones.

In am IBM Storage, I got clone relationships that can be "refreshed" with one plain command, effectively zeroing the RW clones to the state the source LUNs (in IBM case, volumes) are right now. This command is given to a "consistency group" (a group of same relationships of multiple volumes/luns), keeping the multiple clones and it's mountings unhardmed, saving me the hassle of mapping them again.


Is there anything close to it in NetApp? (I'm using 9.1)

If no... here's my scenario: 10 LUNs that I need to create clones, map them to an igroup, mount them in ESX VM, refresh them every week.

I know it can be done thru scriptting, I just would like to know if there is a smarted way, or if don't, if you guys can point me to some threads that already talk about this matter.

ps.: Sorry the bad engrish