ip fastpath on c-mode

Hi all


Is ip fastpath still used on c-mode (9.2)?  can't find it in the docs.


If so, what are the commands to turn it on/off and check its working.



Re: ip fastpath on c-mode

Hi Steve,


You are correct, ip fastpath is no longer an option in ONTAP 9.2

Re: ip fastpath on c-mode



ip.fastpath.enablesystem node run -node node_name|local} options ip.fastpath.enable

ONTAP 9 command map for 7 mode shows the command as metioned above.

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Re: ip fastpath on c-mode



Yea I've seen that, but when you run it, you see thats it's depricated:



******::> system node run -node ******-01 options ip.fastpath.enable
ip.fastpath.enable on [deprecated]


Does that mean that that 9.2 doesn't do fastpath anymore?