unable to SSH to Cluster mgmt - ONTAP 9



I have setup a 2 node cluster across 2 VM's - I attempt to SSH into the mgmt interface via PuTTY and I receive "Error: Connection Refused" - I am able to ping the address assigned to mgmt interface. I am using the admin account and as far as I Know the access rights for SSH are enabled by default? is there somthing else I must to do in order to SSH to this?



any help/advice is appreciated.



Re: unable to SSH to Cluster mgmt - ONTAP 9



SSH is enabled by default. You need to use the cluster management ip address. Refer

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Re: unable to SSH to Cluster mgmt - ONTAP 9

We have recently installed 3 clusters and faced the same problem. Some times SSH access is not enabled by default for "admin". Login to cluster GUI using https://cluster_mgmt_IP.



Go to Configurations --> Users --> select 'admin' --> click edit --> add --> select SSH in Application dropdown list --> select admin in Role dropdown list --> click OK --> modify.


This should resolve your access issue.