Simulators and SSDs

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All -


We used to have students add their own SSDs to the sims in our lab environs.

The procedure has been taken out of the most recent version of the Cluster Mode class.


I thought I'd take some time to document it here.

It's needed to be able to simulate creating hybrid aggrs - Flash Pools.


Step 1 - Unlock the Diag user


Cluster mode:

set diag

security login unlock -username diag -vserver clustername

security login password -username diag -vserver clustername



priv set diag

useradmin diaguser unlock

useradmin diaguser password


Step 2 - Enter system shell


Log in as user diag ...


Cluster mode:

systemshell -node clustername1/2





Step 3 - Create SSD Disks


setenv PATH /sim/bin:$PATH

cd /sim/dev

sudo vsim_makedisks -t 35 -a 2 -n 14



Step 4 -

Reboot to recognize new disks.

assign new unowned disks


Enjoy !


I'll update this doc with defs of the different sim disk types as I figure it out ...


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


At your service,


Eugene E. Kashpureff

Independent NetApp Consultant, K&H Research

Senior NetApp Instructor, Unitek Education

(P.S. I appreciate points for helpful or correct answers.)


Since you have to reboot anyway, you could skip the tour of the systemshell and just rearm vdevinit:

1: Reboot, stopping at the VLOADER> prompt

2: Enter the following:

setenv bootarg.vm.sim.vdevinit "35:14:2"

setenv bootarg.sim.vdevinit "35:14:2"


The values should look familiar.  It's Type:Number:Adapter, and it spawns vsim_makedisks with those values during boot. 

It can do multiple passes by comma separating the value triplets.  For example,   "23:14:2,34:14:3"

If you want the list of valid disk types, run vsim_makedisks -h at the systemshell and it will output the current list.

35 is a 500mb ssd.  If you're just building flashpools, 34 is a 100mb ssd.

Sean -

Awesome response and info, thank you !

Where did you find this documented, or did you just hack it out ?

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff

Independent NetApp Consultant, K&H Research

Senior NetApp Instructor, Unitek Education


I noticed those values getting were set to false after the first boot, and it didn't take too long to figure out how they work.  I've been using them to build custom vsims ever since.

If you catch the vsim on the first boot, that whole process of customizing/maximizing vsims can be reduced to a few of bootargs.  

Thanks Eugene, found this post  very helpful.


Harry Kakaroubas

Harry -

You're very welcome.

Hope you'll share it with other guys on the team ?

Hoping you all rock on the test !

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Hello people


just a quick question.


in my vsim-simulator-832-RC1


Following the procedure, everything is alsmot  Ok in my case.


After adding some type 34 and type 35 SSD,

If I enter

CDOT-vsim::*> node run -node ClusterSim-01|ClusterSim-02  -command disk show -n


there is no new disk available from either node ClusterSim-01 or 02 to be assigned.



But if i go to systemshell, the disks do appear


ClusterSim::*> node run -node ClusterSim-0* -command disk show -v v2.32  (v2.32 already existed)
2 entries were acted on.

Node: ClusterSim-01
  DISK       OWNER                    POOL   SERIAL NUMBER         HOME                     DR HOME                CHKSUM
------------ -------------            -----  -------------         -------------            -------------          --------
v2.32        ClusterSim-01(4082368511)    Pool0  11744813              ClusterSim-01(4082368511)                          Block

Node: ClusterSim-02
  DISK       OWNER                    POOL   SERIAL NUMBER         HOME                     DR HOME                CHKSUM
------------ -------------            -----  -------------         -------------            -------------          --------
v2.32        ClusterSim-02(4034389062)    Pool0  62751613              ClusterSim-02(4034389062)                          Block



In systemshell of ClusterSim-01, they do both appear, the existing and the new one (SSD): v2.32  and v2.33


ClusterSim-01% ls /sim/dev/,disks/v2.32:NETAPP__:VD-4000MB-FZ-520:16744813:8248448
ClusterSim-01% ls /sim/dev/,disks/v2.33:NETAPP__:VD-100MB-SS-512_:63004514:261248


Any idea on how to make the node  ClusterSim-01 "see" or "detect" the new added SSD devices created?




Im in the same scenario that javierb, after running the comand in the diag prompt and reboot the cluter doesnt see the disks but with the systemshell is posible see the disk.

After I tried with the environment variables it works to add the disks SSD but it removes the other disks and I must initilize all disk and setup again


How I do to simply add the disks?

After initialize all disk we can see the SSD disk in the simulator

Now I have problems to create the StoragePool


CDOT::> storage pool create -storage-pool sp1 -simulate true -disk-list NET-1.29 NET-1.30 NET-1.31

Storage pool creation would succeed with allocation unit size 351MB.

CDOT::> storage pool create -storage-pool sp1 -simulate false -disk-list NET-1.29 NET-1.30 NET-1.31
[Job 14] storage pool create job failed. Rolling back partial changes made by jo                                                                                                 [Job 14] storage pool create job failed. Rollback Progress: Waiting for disks to                                                                                                  come back.                                                                                                                                                                      Error: command failed: [Job 14] Job failed: Unable to share disk "NET-1.29". Reason: Not a spare disk.
       Rollback Status: storage pool create rollback for "sp1" completed successfully

CDOT::> disk show
                     Usable           Disk    Container   Container
Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
NET-1.1              3.93GB     -  42 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.2              3.93GB     -  43 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.3              3.93GB     -  44 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.4              3.93GB     -  45 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.5              3.93GB     -  48 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.6              3.93GB     -  16 FCAL    aggregate   aggr0     CDOT-01
NET-1.7              3.93GB     -  17 FCAL    aggregate   aggr0     CDOT-01
NET-1.8              3.93GB     -  18 FCAL    aggregate   aggr0     CDOT-01
NET-1.9              3.93GB     -  19 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.10             3.93GB     -  20 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.11             3.93GB     -  21 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.12             3.93GB     -  22 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.13             3.93GB     -  24 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.14             3.93GB     -  25 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.15             3.93GB     -  26 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.16             3.93GB     -  27 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.17             3.93GB     -  28 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.18             3.93GB     -  29 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.19             3.93GB     -  32 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.20             3.93GB     -  33 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01

                     Usable           Disk    Container   Container
Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
NET-1.21             3.93GB     -  34 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.22             3.93GB     -  35 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.23             3.93GB     -  36 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.24             3.93GB     -  37 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.25             3.93GB     -  38 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.26             3.93GB     -  39 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.27             3.93GB     -  40 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.28             3.93GB     -  41 FCAL    spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.29            520.5MB     -  16 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.30            520.5MB     -  17 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.31            520.5MB     -  18 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.32            520.5MB     -  19 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.33            520.5MB     -  20 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.34            520.5MB     -  21 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.35            520.5MB     -  22 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.36            520.5MB     -  24 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.37            520.5MB     -  25 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.38            520.5MB     -  26 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.39            520.5MB     -  27 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01

                     Usable           Disk    Container   Container
Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
NET-1.40            520.5MB     -  28 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.41            520.5MB     -  29 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
NET-1.42            520.5MB     -  32 SSD     spare       Pool0     CDOT-01
42 entries were displayed.



Any idea?

Frequent Contributor

After adding disks using the systemshell approach, you must reboot the simulator for the disks to become available for use.  There is a way to hot add, but rebooting the simulator is much simpler.  Also be sure not to place more than 14 disks on each controller.


Using the bootarg approach to add disks doesn't appear to have been working for a long time, but I can't edit that old post.  Just ignore it and follow Eugene's original writeup.


On the storagepool creation issue, this type of simulated disk cannot be shared (partitioned), so creating storage pools will fail.  You can still create flashpools by using complete disks.



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