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midi wrote:

I want to ask a different question, how can we add 8 SSD to an existing AFF8040 which has 40 parition SSD?

The question is not quite clear - do you want to partition new SSDs in the same way as existing ones?

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Yes, you are right. Is it possible without being initialize the system.




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It is possible but to my knowledge involves diag level commands, so usual stanza applies - contact your NetApp representative or support for guidance.

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Hi Midi you can add disks definately however you have to be aware of some maximums.


A max of 48 drives can be partitioned, 24 per node.


How are your drives assigned to your nodes ?

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Hi davidrnexon,

Thanks for the info. The customer has 40 partitioned disks, when we want to add 8 more disks to the system how can we set these disks as partition. As far as i did not find anything except initializing the system. But the system is in production.

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The disks should automatically be partitioned once they are assigned to the system.

Even if that doesn't happen, a whole spare disk will be automatically partitioned when it's added to an aggregate.

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Hi Midi


First when the disk is inserted into the shelf it is unassigned. You then need to assign the disk to the node that you wish to take ownership. It is then a spare disk.


when you add a disk to the root aggregate of the node that owns the disk, that disk will then be partitioned with P1,P2,P3


However before you add the disk, please make sure you understand how your disks are laid out amongst nodes, especially taking into consideration my point earlier with 48 disk max limit, 24 per node. Once the disk is added to the aggregate and partitioned, you cannot simply just remove it if you make a mistake.


If you are unsure, best to log a support case and let them guide you through it.

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Hi midi,

Just put them into the empty slots in the two DS2246s attached and they will be automatically partitioned, then it's a matter of assigning the data partitions to existing aggregates using either the GUI or CL
Hope this helps!

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for your replies.

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As others have noted, the drives will be partitioned when they are added to the aggregate.  I would suggest using the -simulate true flag and pay attention to the amount of space it is adding, make sure is consistent w/ adding half disks.