DS4243 not seen unless server is restarted

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Hello. I have a Dell Precision T3500 running Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 (x64) with 8GB of RAM and some Xeon processor. It's connected to a DS4243 via a NetApp QSFP cable and a PCIe NetApp SAS controller card. The shelf has three SATA 3TB WD Reds, configured in a RAIDZ2 array.


When I first turn my whole setup on from a powered-off state, I first power on the DS4243, wait for the fans to ramp up, the disk lights to light up, and then for the fans to go back down. After that I power on the T3500 and wait for that to complete booting. Finally, I check to see if the disks are seen by Ubuntu by running fdisk -l as root, aaaand.....nothing. I only see my boot disk (a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer). Running zpool list and zpool status as root both say something along the lines of "No pools found" (not at my server at the moment).


Oddly enough, if I reboot or even power off and power on the T3500, it magically sees the disks. Once the shelf has been turned off, though, the computer is back to square one again. It just requires that it has been powered on at least once with the shelf connected to it (also on, in case you were wondering) for it to work.


Another thing I find a bit weird is that, even with those errors happening that I stated earlier, I can still see the folder that [I think] has to do with the pool (its called stuff located on the root, which is the name I gave the new ZFS pool), and I can even add/remove files from there without any issue.


So, do any of you know what I can do to fix this? I just set this whole thing up, and I'm somewhat new to Linux, and very new to NASes, storage arrays, etc.




By the way, this is being used in a home environment, used only by myself.