Failover of LIF for CIFS and NFS on cDOT 8.3

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I have a FAS8040 with cDOT 8.3 called FAS14


I have setup failoverr of LIFs in the following way:


1. created a LIF for CIFS using e3b of node1 of FAS14

2. set up failover policy as user-defined on that LIF

3. created a failover-group FOG-CIFS for the SVM CIFS with e3b of node1 and e3b of node2 in it


Currently, the user-fail-overgoup of the LIFs is seen as unused. Do i have to change it to "enbaled" ? If so, how can i that ?


Do i have to do something more for failover ?



I did the same for a SVM for NFS.


Question: When e3B of node1 goes down, does e3b of node2 takes over automatically using this setup ?


Or do i need interface groups for failover and a separate Ipspace and broadcast group ?






Re: Failover of LIF for CIFS and NFS on cDOT 8.3

There's a lot that goes into failover LIFs, failover groups, etc.  I'd recommend jumping to page 69 of the following:


That will explain the concepts in a lot more detail than can be easily done here and it'll make sure you don't lose data connectivity in a failover and/or other failure.


Hope that helps!



Failover of LIF for CIFS and NFS on cDOT 8.3

I looked into this document for V 8.3  :2 remarks:


1. it does not speak anymùr about use-failover-group.  ?????


2. As long as the default failover group exists holding all the ports, the failover goes wrong if it takes this a wrong port. I cannot remove ports from this failover group..... and i cannot delete the Default failover group.


3. Does this mean that user-defined failover-groups have alwqys prefenrence over the default failover group ?


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