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Hi All,


we have a FAS8040 running Ontap 9.1.

On Oncommand System Manager in Events tab we have this error:


csm.sessionFailed: Cluster interconnect session (req=dmpp-storage-01:dblade, rsp=dmpp-storage-01:dblade, uniquifier=110548029cbc24fa) failed with record state ACTIVE and error CSM_CONNABORTED.
Message Name:
Sequence Number:
An existing session between one appliance and another appliance failed because packets are not reaching the other appliance.
If you can reach the storage failover (SFO) partner of the target appliance, initiate a storage failover (takeover) of any aggregates on the target appliance. Then perform a 'sendhome' operation on these aggregates after the target appliance is operational again. Examine the network between the initiating appliance and the target appliance for problems.
Anyone knows hot to solve it.
All the appliance are online so the reccomended action is really not a solution.

Re: csm.sessionFailed



It could be due to the bug:

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