Need Help! Cisco MDS Software Release for 2-Node MetroCluster



we're currently building a 2-node streched metrocluster, based on AFF A300 Controllers.

The customre needs a FC Frontend, so Cisco MDS 9148S switches came into place.


We have big troubles with this setup, because in case of a metrocluster switchover or switchback, the FC LIFs doesn't come up. They are getting stucked with status:

FDISC error - ID could not be acquired for this virtual port.


A manual interface reset on MDS or dis-/enable of affected LIFs will bring the LIF up, but that's not an option.


I've raised a ticket at Cisco for this and it looks like, that we hit a couple of bugs. For example this one:


I know, there are so many Metroclusters with an MDS SAN frontend outside. Can you please provide me your running versions (NX-OS and Ontap)?


We're currently running on Ontap 9.1P2 and NX-OS 8.1.1 (recommended by Cisco).





Regards from austria.