New SnapMirror baseline transfers needed?

Hi guys,


assuming the following scenario:


I fully replicated 2 volumes from on-prem FAS (ONTAP 9.1) to AWS Cloud.

1 volume from on-prem FAS to ONTAP Cloud on AWS and

1 volume from on-prem FAS to AltaVault on AWS.

Now I want to switch from AWS to Azure.


Can I do this:

a) Deploy a new ONTAP Cloud & AltaVault appliance on Azure

b) Break the current on-prem to AWS SM relationships

c) SnapMirror the volumes which are already residing on AWS to Azure and once completed, break those SM relationships

d) Establish new SM relationships from on-prem to Azure and sync deltas



Will the steps above work or do I need new baseline transfers from on-prem to Azure??



In case a new baseline is needed, is there already development in avoiding that in the future?