OCCM GUI - Server Communication Error



I'm trying to access OCCM via its private IP address from a management server on the same VNet. I see the following error:


Server Communication Error


Unable to contact server


Try to refresh the browser or to update proxy setting


Set up Proxy configuration to allow Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud instances to access the Internet. Enter an empty value to disable the proxy



If I close the message I see a blank screen. If I then refresh the browser I see the same message


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong please?




Re: OCCM GUI - Server Communication Error

Hi Tyrone,


Sounds like some network issue nevertheless. Can you check if your instance is defined to go out through an organization proxy in the browser. We’ve seen that before.\




Re: OCCM GUI - Server Communication Error

Hi Yaron,


I'm linking up with Yuval on Monday re this issue. I'll post back when I have a resolution.......