Advantages of the Public Cloud with NetApp’s Alan Dare

Many customers ask how they can take advantage of the public cloud.  The economic models, flexibility, and off-site disaster recovery potential make the public cloud an attractive option for backing up an organization’s data.


Top benefits of the public cloud include:

  1. Near-instant data recovery from the cloud.
  2. Confidence and security of data protection.
  3. Strong encryption of your data on-site, in-transit and in the public cloud.
  4. Decreased risk overhead typically associated with deployed tape solutions.

Rather than relying on traditional methods, the cloud can reduce time, cost, and risk. When data is stored in the cloud, you have access to your data within seconds. And with the addition of strong encryption, NetApp lowers your disaster recovery  costs and keeps your data secure.


For more, listen in to Alan Dare, NetApp’s U.S Public Sector Cloud District Manager, speak about the many advantages of the public cloud



























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