Grace Hopper Celebration: The Value of Technology

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“The time is long overdue to encourage more women to dream the possible dream.”
– Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In


Today kicks off the annual Grace Hopper Conference, the largest gathering of women technologists. The Anita Borg Institute brings together over 8,000 technical women and students with the goal of connecting, inspiring, and guiding women in computing and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.


At NetApp we understand the value of technology innovation for personal and professional advancement, and we are proud to be a silver sponsor at this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona. We are sending 33 employees to the conference from all different sites and locations throughout the Americas. At the event, NetApp will be recruiting technical women for all roles across the organization for both University Grad, Intern, and Professional Hires.


Additionally, this year NetApp is offering 250 NCSA scholarships to any interested registered conference attendee. These scholarships include courses with a deep dive on hot industry trends like cloud and flash, which align with the NetApp portfolio.


The re-launched course is structured with a robust package including practice exams and study guides taking the student through Technology Foundation, Product Foundation, Applied Learning, and Review & Assessments.


We believe having this certification on a resume is a competitive differentiator as young, technically sharp women look to enter the workforce. With a more familiar understanding in data storage, data management, and key technologies in today’s infrastructure, we want these young women to land a job.


Also, at the conference NetApp will be sponsoring the Child Care and Nursing Mothers Room allowing parents to bring their children and utilize the child care and nursing rooms for free.


If you are attending the conference, stop by the NetApp booth at the conference to learn more about the NCSA and look for NetApp attendee on the panel below: 

  • Moving from Director to VP and the C-Suite Panel: Sheila Rohra - Chief of Staff & Sr. Director of Business Operations, PO BusOP

To prep for the conference check out NetApp’s MJ Schmitt, who will be attending the conference, discuss the importance of Engaging Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

[Image via Grace Hopper]