Public Sector Experts: Clustered Data ONTAP with Gary Hale

The future of enterprise IT services is the hybrid cloud – a combination of private and public clouds.


In order for the enterprise to take advantage of these options,  they must choose the proper environment by considering these five key areas:

    1. Data protection needs
    2. Intellectual property protection
    3. Data security
    4. Compliance
    5. Data Mobility

As public sector organizations seek to cost optimize, Clustered Data ONTAP is the most innovative solution to ensure enterprises are able to best leverage the hybrid cloud environment.


The data management capabilities of Clustered Data ONTAP enable enterprises to balance the benefits of on-prem, private IT service offerings with public cloud offerings. 


Hear more from NetApp’s Gary Hale, Vice President of Systems Engineering, as he advises enterprises to best leverage the hybrid cloud environment with Clustered Data ONTAP in this video.



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