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Hi All, I will be greatful, if anyone could get my a powershell script for a report in the below format. (Aggregate Name) (Total Space (TB)) (Used Capacity (TB))(Allocated Capacity (TB)) (Space Available (TB)) Thanks, Kalyan Guturi.

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There is no need of a powershell script, single cmdlet would give you that info.


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Thanks for the quick response. However, "Get-NaAggr" provides <total size> <used> and <Available> but doesn't provide allocated. Command "aggr show_space" provides all the mentioned information. How can we point this Get-NaAggr command to a specific filer.

Help here please....!

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Connect to the Controller first as below.

Connect-NaController <Controller IP Address> -Credential (Get-Credential)

Then try out Get-NaAggr

I guess you are a newbie to powershell toolkit, check out some of these documents.